If your Furbaby is in need of a bath and some cleaning, let our trained groomers clean them up, make their coat shiny and soft, and smell less like, well… a dog.

Nails (Pawdicure)

Sometime you like to pamper yourself and let someone take care of your nails. Your dog deserves a little pampering too.  Let our groomers pamper your pup’s paws.

We had a great experience. It was very apparent our 6 month-old little beagle did too. He came home so happy. He had learned many things needed to become a good family pet. Now, if we, the humans, can follow our instructions to keep reinforcing the learning. You know, it’s hard to teach an old dog (human) new tricks. Heather was great with Shylo and we would recommend her to anyone looking for super dog training.

Davib B.

After I adopted Kody, I quickly realized that he didn’t know anything. He came from a hoarding situation. I started looking for a trainer that would take him and teach him the basic commands and work on his kennel and potty training. I found Furbaby Country Club. I called, explained my concerns and we started the training. The approach and the training methods she provided have made a huge difference in both the way I handle the dog and the way he responds. She focused on his socialization first, basic obedience and kennel and potty training. She really focuses on the importance of positive reinforcement and giving praise to your dog every time he behaves well. He is home now and is so much better. I highly recommend Furbaby CC. She takes the time to get to know your pup. I can always call her with questions and she will help you anyway she can.

Nicole A.

I first met Heather a year ago when I got my puppy Dexter and I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing with him. He was not potty trained, his recall was terrible and he was leash pulling. To say the least, it was touch and go during that time because I didn’t know what to do with him and I was on the fence about keeping him. Upon meeting Heather and Todd, I was immediately put at ease because of the way I saw how they interacted with their dogs and how Dexter seemed right at home at their house. Having Dexter was like having a child, I often worried about him when he wasn’t with me and from the first stay with Heather, she kept me updated through out the day on his progress with texts, videos and pictures. Now a year later, I cannot imagine life without Dexter and I owe it to Heather. I cannot find the right words to say how thankful I am of her. She is passionate about dogs and she will go above and beyond to make sure her clients are at ease (both the furbabies and their parents), and no matter what questions or concerns I have, she is my go to before anything or anyone else when it comes to Dexter. If you are looking for someone that is compassionate, loving, caring and will put you at ease no matter what your concerns are with your dogs, to look any further would be a waste of time. Heather has become more like family to us and she is definitely a blessing! I tell everyone and anyone that has a dog about her because she is just that good!! I have seen her with the smallest of dogs to Great Danes and they all love her and my family does too!!!

-Sandrika W.

My puppy was a rescue with little interaction. She took him from a wild boy to a gentlemen. Heather is there after the training to answer any questions or anything new that may pop up. Over all she is excellent and really loves dogs couldn’t have asked for a better trainer.

– Kevin K.

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